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Structural assessment of fire, impact, water or explosion damage

To discuss your particular requirement please telephone Adrian Clarke on 01582 768960 or mobile 07985 526733 or e-mail adrian.clarke@clara.co.uk.

A structural assessment is usually required where there has been serious damage to the property and the structural significance needs to be determined.  Some examples of this are: -

·        Fire damage to steel and timber beams, concrete and masonry.

·        Impact damage due to a vehicle hitting a building.

·        Water damage following a pipe bursting or from flooding.

·        Damage from an explosion.

·        Whether a property is stable or if sections are in danger of collapse.

We will inspect the area of damage and give our view on the structural implications and any potential Health and Safety hazards.  We will liaise with, where appropriate, the Fire Brigade, local authority Building Control Officer and/or emergency contractor and advise on any immediate action to help stabilise the building.

A Structural Appraisal Report will be prepared and we will advise what remedial action should be taken and the likely costs involved.

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