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To discuss your particular requirement please telephone Adrian Clarke on 01582 768960 or mobile 07985 526733 or e-mail adrian.clarke@clara.co.uk.

In our experience only 50% of householders, that think they may have subsidence to their property, actually have some form of subsidence damage.  Cracks in buildings can appear for many reasons such as normal thermal expansion, shrinkage and movement between different construction materials.  The cracks can usually be easily rectified with minor repairs. 

Of the remaining 50% almost all subsidence cases can be easily rectified by removing the cause of the movement, such as removing or reducing vegetation near to the building or repairing an underground drain.  As a last resort, if removal of cause cannot be undertaken or has failed to stabilise the building, then some form of foundation strengthening may be required.

Our subsidence services include:

ü      Free impartial telephone advice on whether your home may be at risk of subsidence.

ü      Assessment of the damage and providing independent advice.

ü      Preparation of the Structural Appraisal Report for a competitive fee.

ü      Liaison with insurance company and/or appointed loss adjuster.

ü      Arranging site investigations including excavation of trial pits to expose the foundations and retrieving soil samples.

ü      Arranging soil testing and botanical tree root identifications.

ü      Arranging CCTV survey and/or water testing of drains.

ü      Arranging arboricultural inspection and report.

ü      Arranging damage mitigation measures including obtaining Tree Preservation Order (TPO)/Conservation Area consents for removal of trees.

ü      Arranging drain repairs.

ü      Installation of crack monitoring devises and taking periodic readings to check that property stabilizes.

ü      Scheduling and design of remedial works.

ü      Obtaining quotations from reputable contractors that specialize in subsidence repairs.

ü      Administration of the contract of repair works and site inspections.

ü      Certification and issuing the “Certificate of Structural Adequacy”.

ü      Helping to obtain repayment of policy excess and insurance claim costs.

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