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To discuss your particular requirement please telephone Adrian Clarke on 01582 768960 or mobile 07985 526733 or e-mail adrian.clarke@clara.co.uk.

A Structural Survey is often required where a surveyor has carried out an inspection and has noted a structural defect they consider needs a Structural Engineer to advise on.  Alternatively if the property is for sale and a valuer has noticed a possible structural problem.  Examples of this are: -

·        cracks and bulges in walls

·        trees too near a building

·        excessive deflection and sloping floors

·        sagging roof or roof spread at eaves

·        potential foundation movement.

We will inspect the problem and give our view on whether the problem is significant and if so, what the likely cause is.  A Structural Appraisal Report can be prepared, if required.  We will advise what remedial action should be taken and the likely costs involved. A copy of the report undertaken by the surveyor/valuer is preferred to ensure that all the structural concerns raised are commented upon.

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