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To discuss your particular requirement please telephone Adrian Clarke on 01582 768960 or mobile 07985 526733 or email adrian.clarke@clara.co.uk

Structual calculations will be prepared for the proposed project.  We prepare  design details and drawings for:

  • Residential and Commercial buildings.
  • New Build.
  • Extensions and loft conversions.
  • Structural alterations and openings in load bearing walls.

Structural Solutions can help in the early stages of planning a new building to summarise construction alternatives and the likely cost implications.  Examples such as foundation alternatives (concrete strips, pad and beam, piled etc.) or whether to use steel, timber or concrete beams.

Structural Solutions can work with your Architect to help plan the structural arrangement of the building. 

The design will be checked by structural calculations to satisfy the requirements of the Building Regulations and relevant British Standards.

Once building has commenced, your builder can contact Structural Solutions if any changes are required, for example increasing the size of openings or rooms.  

Structural Solutions is able to offer extremely competitive rates for the preparation of Building Regulations calculations.

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