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Building Reg Calcs
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To discuss your particular requirement please telephone Adrian Clarke on 01582 768960 or mobile 07985 526733, or e-mail to adrian.clarke@clara.co.uk 

Calculations will be prepared verifying the sizes of building elements needed. We provide design details and drawings for:

  • Structural alterations and extensions
  • Loft conversions
  • Layout of beams, lintels, load bearing walls/piers and posts.
  • Timber joist sizes.
  • Connection joints between structural beams.
  • Foundation type as well as the required width and depth.

Most types of building work require a Building Regulations Application to be submitted and approved.  

We will advise you/your builder on the effect of structural alterations to the building and design the required beams/lintels to support the loads to meet local authority requirements.  The calculations, details and drawings should be submitted for Building Regulation approval before work commences.  This approval is important when the property is sold, otherwise the sale can be delayed whilst the alterations are structurally checked and retrospectively certified.

Measurements such as the span of floor joists and proposed opening sizes will be required.  Sometimes we can work solely from scale plans of the building or from dimensions provided by an architect or builder without visiting a property, thus saving cost for the client.

Although there are certain exemptions it is always advisable to check with your Council before commencing work.

If your planned building work requires approval you/your builder must submit a Building Regulations application by either deposit of “Full Plans” or by a “Building Notice”.
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